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Fried artichokes and zucchini, with beer batter.

Ingredients 24 oz or 790 ml of peanut oil 6 baby artichokes 2 zucchini For the batter 2 egg whites 2 dl of beer 120 gr flour A pinch of salt A teaspoon of evoo Cut the zucchini in half length wise, and then again in half across. Then slice lengthwise, and discard the center …

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Brined Pork Loin Roast with Pomegranate Sauce

For Thanksgiving I wanted to prepare a pork roast with pomegranate. I tried this excellent recipe with a few changes. It was a real delicacy, definitely a “must try again”. Here is my version of the recipe. For the brine 2 cups plus 1.5 L cold water, divided 1/3 cup coarse salt 1/4 cup sugar …

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Almond and orange cake, without flour.

This cake is always a big success. Any time I have made it, I have been asked for the recipe. What a better reason for posting it? The ingredients are a bit of a surprise, there is no flour, and no butter or oil, just almonds, sugar, eggs, and whole oranges. Yes, with the whole …

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Roasted delicata squash with thyme and parmesan

Ingredients 2 delicata squash Fresh thyme Olive oil Salt and pepper Parmesan cheese Preheat the oven at 400F (convection, roasting). Wash the squash, cut them in half longitudinally, and take off the seeds with a spoon. Do not peel them. Then slice into slices no more than half inch thick. In a large bowl, dress …

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Skate and Romanesco soup

When I saw this beautiful broccolo Romanesco at the market, I knew I would use it to make this traditional soup from Rome. The result was delicious, and perfect for the cold weather we are having in New York. Ingredients 1lb of skate fish 1 broccolo romanesco 1 carrot 1 small onion Half celery stalk …

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Marinated Striped Bass

Ingredients 1lb striped bass filet For the marinade: juice of half a lemon lemon rind, grated olive oil parsley thyme rosemary, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely minced salt Mix all the ingredients for the marinade in a glass bowl. Add the fish, cover with a lid or clear wrap, and let marinade in the …

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Braised pork shoulder

I bought 3 pounds of pork shoulder from Flying Pigs Farm at the Union Square Market, and prepared it following a recipe of Amanda Hesser, that they gave me. I did not have celery nor bay leaf, used white wine instead of red, and cooked it in a casserole on the stove, instead of baking …

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Seville Orange Marmalade

I do not usually make jam but I love bitter orange marmalade and is not easy to find a good one. I was in Fareway about ten days ago and found Seville oranges, I could not resist and decided to make marmalade. I browsed the web for recipes and found two I liked. One is …

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Ravioli with spinach and ricotta

Every now and then I like to make pasta fatta in casa (home made pasta). Yesterday I prepared some ravioli di magro, the classic ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta. A rainy Sunday morning is the ideal time to make some ravioli. And… yes while working at these ravioli I was having a cappuccino with …

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Monk fish with peppers, saffron, and cherry tomatoes

A couple of months ago a found this monk fish recipe on the website of an Italian magazine, “donna moderna”. I made it and really liked it so I am posting it here in English.