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Nov 24

Almond and orange cake, without flour.

This cake is always a big success. Any time I have made it, I have been asked for the recipe. What a better reason for posting it? The ingredients are a bit of a surprise, there is no flour, and no butter or oil, just almonds, sugar, eggs, and whole oranges. Yes, with the whole …

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Apr 30

Biscotti with Almonds and Orange

This is a recipe to make a “hard” crunchy version of the classic biscotti called Cantucci. I added some of my home-made candied orange rind. Ingredients: 150 gr sugar 2 eggs a pinch of salt 250 gr all purpose flour 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 2 Tbsp candied orange rind 140 gr whole almonds milk 1) …

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Feb 28

Torta di Carote, Nocciole, e Mele

Carrot, hazelnut, and apple cake.  This is one of my favorite cakes for breakfast, with some caffellatte. If you don’t have hazelnut flour, blend the nuts together with some of the sugar. The sugar will absorb the oil released by the nuts and will help to blend them into a fine powder. Ingredients 3 eggs …

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Feb 15

Castagnole for Carnevale

Tomorrow is Giovedi Grasso (Fat Thursday)! This time of the year, in Italy, we celebrate Carnevale. Although Carnevale begins about two weeks before Lent, the heart of  it are the last six days from Giovedi Grasso to Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras). What a better excuse to make these Castagnole, one of the …

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Jan 26

Lemon ricotta semifreddo with warm berries

These semifreddi are a favorite in our house and they are incredibly easy to prepare . The nice thing about these little desserts is that you can keep them in the freezer. When you have a guest or simply feel like having something sweet: just take them out of the freezer,  let them get soft, …

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