Welcome to my blog!

I am an Italian expatriate living in New York City, with a passion for good food and home cooking. The NY al dente blog is born from the desire to collect and share everyday recipes I prepare in my small city kitchen, keeping them organized and easily accessible. As I move along this blog adventure, I would like NY al dente to also become the place where I keep note of things in the city that catch my attention.

Al dente is an Italian expression used to describe the perfect texture of cooked pasta. Literally translated “to the tooth” it means “cooked so as to be firm but not hard”. NY aldente (In the kitchen) is about what I cook in my small city kitchen. NY aldente (Around the city) is where I keep notes of things in the city that catch my attention.

This is my first blog so I will be learning along the way, trying to get better at it. I would love to have feedback and comments!

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