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Veal Spezzatino with Polenta

We are staying home as hurricane Sandy is approaching, and there is plenty of time for cooking. I decided to make veal spezzatino with polenta. This is my copper paiolo, the special pot to make polenta, and the trisa which is the  wooden stick used to turn the polenta as it is called in the …

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Polenta is typical from Central and Northern Italy. It is obtained by cooking cornmeal in salted water. Each region in Italy has its own typical version of polenta. It can be made “hard” to be served in slices, or soft and creamy. The more finely ground the cornmeal is, and the more water, the softer …

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Coniglio con le Olive alla Ligure (Rabbit with Olives)

I particularly like to prepare rabbit. I guess it is because when I was a child my mom would often cook rabbit and it was always delicious. This is a recipe from the region of Liguria. Served with warm polenta, it is a perfect dish for winter. Ingredients one rabbit (ask the butcher to cut it …

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