Ravioli con Stracchino e Granella di Pistacchi

Ravioli with stracchino and pistachios.

I came up with the idea for this recipe a few days ago. I was making the classic ravioli di magro (ravioli with spinach and ricotta) when I run out of filling and still had a bit of extra dough left. So I decided to make a few extra ravioli with a different filling and thought to use stracchino and pistachios!

Ingredients for the filling: stracchino, and pistachio meat very finely chopped.

Ingredients for the dressing: butter, extra virgin olive oil, sage, parmigiano, and pistachio meat finely chopped.

I filled the ravioli with about one tsp of stracchino and a bit of finely chopped pistachio meat. I used a chef knife to chop the pistachio meat.

Then I boiled the ravioli in abundant salted water. Keep the heat low, the water should boil gently otherwise the ravioli will break.

To prepare the dressing, in a small pot, I melted some butter (1 tsp of butter for a portion of 8 ravioli) with 2 or 3 sage leaves. Then added some good extra virgin olive oil.

Finally I served the ravioli dressed with the melted butter/oil, and sprinkled with grated parmigiano and chopped pistachios.

I used this dressing also for the spinach-ricotta ravioli.

I really liked the final result and will make them again!

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